"ProProtein-2021" Forum & Expo

Trends and technologies in the production and use of new food proteins: cultured meat, plant meat, insects.

September 23, 2021 in Holiday Inn Lesnaya hotel in Moscow.

Who will attend:

  • Ìanufacturers, importers and processors of soybeans, sunflower meal, peas, rapeseed and other vegetable proteins.
  • Manufacturers of protein for functional food.
  • Animal feed producers
  • Manufacturers of food products

Please take note:Forum & Expo "ProteinTek"

Trends and technologies in the production and use of feed proteins on September 22, 2021 in Holiday Inn Lesnaya in Moscow.




Pea Protein Processing Equipment Market Huge Growth Opportunities and Trends to 2025

 22.07.2019 10:22:28

The analysts forecast the global Pea Protein Processing Equipment Market to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% during the period 2019-2025.

Alternative feed protein production is taking off

 22.07.2019 10:17:57

There has been plenty of buzz about single cell proteins for use in animal feed over the past few weeks. FeedNavigator trains its spotlight on the trend.
This month saw Danish company, Unibio, claiming that non-land-based and non-fish-stock-based single cell proteins will become the animal feed protein source of the future.
It made that prediction when announcing backing for a new research project on its SCP product to the tune of €1.3m from the Green Development and Demonstration Program, a funding initiative under the Danish Ministry for Food, Fisheries, Equal Opportunities and Nordic Cooperation.

Construction complete on Unibio backed methane to protein plant in Russia

 22.07.2019 10:00:39

Protelux has completed the construction of a 6,000 ton per year methane to feed protein plant in Russia, based on technology from Danish company, Unibio. The parties said they are currently testing the plant, located in Ivangorod in the Leningrad region. They expect to commission it by late 2018. Four fermenters encompassing natural gas absorbing methanotrophic bacteria have been constructed as part the Ivangorod facility. These bacteria serve as the source of protein for the manufacturing process.