"ProProtein-2017" Forum & Expo

Trends and technologies in the production and use of animal (fishmeal, meat and bone meal, feather meal) & synthetic proteins (cultured meat) animal (fishmeal & MBM) & synthetic proteins (cultured meat). 

September 27, 2017 in Holiday Inn Lesnaya hotel in Moscow.

Who will attend:

  • Manufacturers, importers and processors of meat bone meal (MBM) and fish meal
  • Whey producers
  • Manufacturers of protein for functional food.
  • Animal feed producers
  • Meat & poultry producers
  • Manufacturers of food products



Is meat and bone meal coming back into EU feed?

 13.12.2016 13:43:46

The chance that meat and bone meal could be included in animal feed once again is unlikely. The European Commission intends not to make a proposal for its re-introduction on the short term. This was stated recently by EU commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, responding to questions by Dutch politician Jan Huitema, member of the European parliament.

Fishmeal prices predicted to soften in 2017 (compared to 2016)

 13.12.2016 13:41:20

Fishmeal production is set to increase, and prices should weaken in 2017, compared to this year's level, says a Rabobank analyst. "Fishmeal prices already contracted in late 2016, based on Peru setting its second anchovy fishing quota at 2m metric tons in November, coupled with weak demand.

Russia aquaculture suffers due to lack of feed

 13.12.2016 13:31:49

WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. - Development of the aquaculture sector in Russia is far below its potential. The current annual production is estimated at 160,000 tonnes, or 3%-4% of total fish and seafood production in Russia, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) said in a Feb. 26 report. Russia's share of world aquaculture production is estimated at only 0.2%. Lack of government support, outdated equipment and production technologies, as well as a deficit in feed, are major constraints to further development of the sector.